It’s simple really. It’s about identifying your purpose, investing in your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and seeing vulnerability as a strength as you look to let go of hurt and shame and embrace wholehearted living.

In practice it’s a little more difficult to achieve on your own, and that is where you need a little company to help you on your way.



Individual, couples and group sessions designed at one level to enable you to function more effectively practically, whilst at a deeper level addressing some of the underlying vulnerabilities that appear to trip us up in life. 



Are you stuck in life or career and have no idea as to show you can get 'unstuck'?

Coaching will enable you to get some practical advice and an accountable partner to help you to decisively move forward with your life and reach the goals that you set for yourself.


Professional Wellbeing

Are you someone who works in a high pressured setting and feeling the effects of stress and responsibility? Perhaps you are a leader, a supporter or someone who is in a place that means you find it difficult to find someone with whom you can share your personal and professional thoughts? We all need a sounding board to help us to get our thoughts and emotions in order ao that we can recharge and remain sharp and effective.

Even better, what if that could happen in a setting that is tranquil and calming and comes as part of an offering that includes a massage and full use of spa and retreat facilities?

The present moment can be held hostage by either the past or the future.
— Daniel Stern (2004)