In short

Sessions are designed to be a time for you. They are a chance for you to explore your own needs and goals and their impact on your life with the realisation that understanding facilitates change. It is the intention that in the context of a confidential and secure relationship an approach which is appropriate to the nature of your difficulties will be identified that will aid self-discovery. We will aim to review approximately every ten (10) weeks to assess the process and to review your goals and objectives.

The Process

I offer an initial introduction session from which we independently decide whether the conditions are right to work together. 

Once agreed we will discuss the duration and frequency of sessions which will depend on your individual needs and will be decided together along with what commitment is required. 

I offer either short term targeted programs (10-18 sessions with a planned ending) or open ended / medium to long term programs. In all instances goals are set and regularly reviewed to ensure that progress is being made. It is important for longer term therapy, once agreed, to conclude in such a way as honours the work completed and plans for a sensitive ending. We will therefore plan an ending together and allow at least four (4) sessions to finalise our work. In all instances a minimum of two (2) sessions notice to finish is required.


All information shared is confidential though elements may be periodically shared with my professional supervisor (keeping identity anonymous) in accordance with the obligation to maintain a professionally accountable practice. Confidentiality may be breached in consultation with my professional supervisor where I feel a client is in danger to themselves, others or breaking the law. 

I reserve the right to liaise with external agencies where appropriate but will do so wherever possible in consultation with the client. 

Limitations to confidentiality exist relating to the Prevention of Terrorism, Child Protection and Drug Trafficking Acts and in a court of law a counsellor may be required to answer questions about a client.

Code of Ethics

I abide by the ethical framework of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). 

This can be found at:

As therapist I will take notes or record our sessions. Any written information will be securely stored and destroyed three years after the cessation of counselling.

Fees and Payment

Fees are agreed in advance and will be formally agreed at the initial review meeting.

Should you wish to cancel an appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required or the full fee is payable. Payment is by cash or electronic transfer at the time of each session (or monthly in advance by agreement). An initial double payment will be requested meaning that the final session will be paid for in advance.