Brett Gunning MSc, BCom, DipHE, MBACP (Accred), BAAF

Brett Gunning MSc, BCom, DipHE, MBACP (Accred), BAAF


I have over 20 years of global experience working with individuals, couples and groups, and with organisations (which are just groups of individuals) in a multitude of settings.

Helping them to identify and tap into the best in themselves and recognise their importance in the context of the world that they inhabit. 

Being a registered, accredited and ethically accountable counsellor affords me the privilege of being able to work safely and confidentially in a way that ensures trust, encourages vulnerability and facilitates positive change and stronger, more purposeful sense of ‘self’.

The foundation of my work is grounded on ‘self’ and the identification, exploration and nurturing of a healthy ‘self’ that relates positively with those parts inside that are hurting, fearful or paralysingly critical or destructive.

Most of our behaviours, addictions, and emotional states stem from one or more hurting parts, and the sooner you can identify these parts, and the unhelpful behaviours that have emerged that help you to manage or cope with these parts, the sooner you can break free from the cycles that you feel trapped in, and the negative words and thoughts that you have wrongly accepted as definitions of your self.

I can help you to do that. Why not arrange to have a single chat as a start; no expectations, no conditions, no commitment beyond a willingness to give yourself a chance and see how it goes.