Wellbeing services & packages

Individual Counselling, Coaching & Supervision (Comfortably Seated or 'Walk & Talk')

60 Minute sessions                                                                £80.00

90 Minute sessions                                                                £120.00

Couples Counselling

90 Minute sessions                                                                £150.00

Group Supervision (maximum 6)

90 Minute sessions                                                                £400.00

Wellbeing Package

60 or 90 Minute                                                                     £120 - £150

Talking session followed by holistic treatment session of your choice carried out by one of our highly qualified and experienced therapists

Costs are flexible dependant on circumstance.  Please do get in touch and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Once agreed we will discuss the duration and frequency of sessions which will depend on your individual needs and will be decided together along with what commitment is required. 

I offer either short term targeted programs (10-18 sessions with a planned ending) or open ended / medium to long term programs. In all instances goals are set and regularly reviewed to ensure that progress is being made. It is important for longer term therapy, once agreed, to conclude in such a way as honours the work completed and plans for a sensitive ending. We will therefore plan an ending together and allow at least four (4) sessions to finalise our work. In all instances a minimum of two (2) sessions notice to finish is required.

Fees and Payment

Fees are agreed in advance and will be formally agreed at the initial review meeting.

Should you wish to cancel an appointment, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required or the full fee is payable. Payment is by cash or electronic transfer at the time of each session (or monthly in advance by agreement). An initial double payment will be requested meaning that the final session will be paid for in advance.