Are you feeling stuck or in a seemingly unceasing cycle that you just cannot get out of?

Is there something in your past or present (or even your future) that you are unable to get to grips with and move past?

Are there things that you are afraid to acknowledge to yourself, let alone talk about with family and friends, yet know that everything inside of you is screaming out to share the load with somebody who is anonymous and confidential?

These are strong signs that you need a compassionate ear and a warm helping hand to walk with you to a healthier and happier place.

Whether you decide you would like short term targeted therapy or a deeper, more thorough approach, the process always starts with the establishment of a strong foundation of trust and ongoing assurance that you are in control of your own journey - one that is designed to help you to stand firmly on your own two feet.   

Located onsite at the Heart & Soul wellbeing clinic in Watford, you can integrate your sessions with additional wellbeing treatments and fitness options that will help you to achieve your goals and maintain a ‘whole life’ balance.

To find out more, visit the Heart & Soul Services to see what is available.