Are you a leader or someone in a place where you feel somewhat isolated or alone in your ability to simply and openly process your thoughts, your ideas - and your pressures?  

You might have a sea of people around you but none who you would feel able - for personal or professional reasons - to speak freely and vulnerably with.

Sometimes you just need a listening ear to help you to process the stuff in your head without fear of how that person may perceive you or how - by sharing - it will impact your professional relationship.

You may also like to bounce ideas off somebody with significant professional organisational and managerial experience who is able to understand your language and help you to translate your thoughts into results.

We comfortably balance the titles of management consultant and registered therapist/coach in a way that helps us to seamlessly integrate them into a 'supervision & wellbeing' package that people in leadership can holistically benefit from.

Located onsite at the Heart & Soul wellbeing clinic in Watford, you can integrate your sessions with additional wellbeing treatments and fitness options that will help you to achieve your goals and maintain a ‘whole life’ balance.

To find out more, visit the Heart & Soul Services to see what is available.