Sometimes we need something a with a little less emphasis on the therapeutic and a little more emphasis on overall wellbeing and support.

Something that is geared toward helping us to process our ideas, thoughts and experiences in order to be clearer and more effective in who we are and what we do in life.

Something that caters for our physical and spiritual wellbeing in a setting that is safe, that feels warm and inviting and that offers you a chance to unload and unwind.

We offer you the opportunity to choose whether to just talk, or to incorporate that into a wellbeing package that would at least include a massage, something to eat and drink and full access to thermal suite and retreat facilities for all or part of the day.

Whether you do it as a fortnightly or monthly event, this is something that everybody in high paced, high responsibility, stressful environments not only deserves but needs - offering you the opportunity to unwind, unload and prepare for the next round.